Ford vehicles topped list of companies affected by federal recalls last year, feds say

the automotive industry, staying informed about vehicle recalls is crucial for every car owner. In 2023, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded a significant number of recalls, with Ford Motor Company leading the pack. In this detailed analysis, we delve into the key insights, reasons behind recalls, and how it affects millions of vehicles on the road.

Ford Motor Company Dominates Recalls

Last year, Ford Motor Company faced a considerable challenge as it emerged as the automaker most impacted by federal recalls. The NHTSA’s data reveals that more than one in 10 affected vehicles, totaling 16.3 percent, were manufactured by Ford. This encompasses recalls related to vehicle components, compliance issues with emissions standards, environmental regulations, and software or technology glitches. The sheer scale of impact for the Dearborn, Michigan-based company amounted to a staggering 205.6 million vehiclesAtlanta law firm John Foy & Associates meticulously collected and analyzed the NHTSA recall data, providing a comprehensive overview of the number of potentially affected cars per manufacturer. While Ford topped the list, other major players such as General Motors, Chrysler, Takata, and Honda also found themselves among the top 10 most-impacted manufacturers. Across the 100 most-impacted makers, the average number of recalled vehicles stood at 12.1 million

Top 10 car recalls in 2023 

RankingVehicle manufacturerTotal affected carsProportion of all recalls
1General Motors201,877,86215.9%
10Ford Motor Company205,577,53516.3%

Understanding why vehicles are recalled is paramount for both manufacturers and consumers. Drawing insights from the NHTSA and the U.S. Department of Transportation, we outline the primary safety concerns that triggered recalls in 2023.

1. Airbags: A Critical Safety Concern

Airbags emerged as the top reason for vehicle recalls, impacting more than 238.7 million vehicles. In a notable case, Toyota Motors recalled one million vehicles in the U.S. due to a short circuit issue that could hinder proper airbag deployment, significantly elevating the risk of injury during a crash.

2. Tires: Ensuring Road Safety

Tire-related issues were a significant cause for concern, prompting recalls across various manufacturers. Faults with child seats, electrical system problems such as faulty batteries, starters, or alternators were also prevalent, posing potential risks to vehicle safety.

1. USA TODAY’s Automotive Recall Database

Check USA TODAY’s automotive recall database for comprehensive information on recalls affecting various car models.

2. NHTSA’s Database

The NHTSA’s database allows owners to search for recalls based on their vehicle identification number (VIN). This user-friendly interface ensures a quick and efficient way to stay informed about potential safety concerns.

For a detailed breakdown of car recalls in 2023, consult USA TODAY’s recall database, offering a wealth of information to keep you abreast of the latest developments in vehicle safety.

where vehicle safety is paramount, understanding the dynamics of recalls is crucial. Ford Motor Company’s prominence in the 2023 recalls underscores the industry’s commitment to addressing safety concerns. By staying informed and utilizing accessible databases, both manufacturers and consumers can actively contribute to a safer driving experience for everyone on the road.

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