MG MG4: Driving The Chinese EV Taking Europe By Storm

electric vehicles (EVs), one name has been making waves and challenging preconceptions – MG. Often compared to the iconic Mini, MG has redefined its identity with a lineup of new, tech-infused products.

Among them, the 2024 MG4 XPower stands out as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and performance. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this electric marvel and explore why it’s turning heads in the automotive world.


A Glimpse into History

When MG transitioned to China’s SAIC in the Aughts, skepticism loomed. The brand had a legacy of producing “aggressively OK” hatchbacks and the classic MG TF sports car. However, the products failed to capture the essence that justified the MG brand’s allure. Fast forward to 2022, and the MG4 emerged, shifting gears with a purpose-built EV platform.

The MG4 XPower Unveiled

Based on this new platform, the MG4 XPower embodies a paradigm shift in the perception of MG. Aesthetically pleasing, it refuses to blend in, boasting respectable ranges from sensibly sized batteries, commendable performance, and a compelling price point. It has become a ubiquitous presence on the streets of the United Kingdom, winning the hearts of both private owners and fleet drivers.

Unleashing Power: Performance and Range

MG sent us the MG4 XPower, the epitome of speed and power. With a dual-motor setup delivering a staggering 429 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque, it catapults from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds – rivaling the Audi RS 3. The 61.6-kWh (usable) battery provides nearly 240 miles on a charge, meeting the demands of daily commutes and more. Priced at around £36,500 ($46,500), it’s a compelling option in the competitive EV market.

Design and Features

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Exterior Elegance

The MG4 XPower exudes a captivating exterior design, striking a balance between modern aesthetics and traditional appeal. With 18-inch wheels, vibrant brake calipers, robust brakes, and a purposeful stance, it asserts its identity as an electric hot hatch.

Minimalism Meets Functionality Inside

While the exterior boasts flair, the interior embraces a minimalistic approach. A modest infotainment screen, a small speedometer display above the steering wheel, and a compact center console with a gear selector and wireless phone charging tray define the cabin. It comes equipped with Apple CarPlay, albeit with a slightly temperamental wired connection.

On the Road: Performance and Practicality

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A Quiet Cruise or Spirited Drive

In urban settings, the MG4 XPower impresses with its quiet and calm demeanor, offering a serene ride. The one-pedal drive mode enhances convenience, ensuring a seamless driving experience. However, the steering lacks sharpness, a notable drawback for enthusiasts.

Highway Dynamics and Range Concerns

Venturing onto the highway mirrors the urban experience, providing insulation from the outside world. Yet, the impressive performance comes at a cost – range. Aggressive driving, coupled with winter conditions, can significantly impact the near-240-mile range. Efficiency dropped to concerning levels during our testing, emphasizing the need for a reliable charging infrastructure.

A Twist of Disappointment on Twisty Roads

While MG envisioned the MG4 XPower conquering twisty European roads, it falls short of the expectations set for a hot hatch. Despite the promising elements, the amalgamation doesn’t create the desired driving experience. It excels more as a brisk EV than a true hot hatch contender.

Global Perspective: Should America Be Envious?

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The MG4 XPower’s Potential in the U.S.

From an American standpoint, the MG4’s appeal is undeniable. An EV with less than a 100kWh battery and a compact footprint could find a warm reception, especially in sunnier states. Quick, stylish, and practical for daily use, it could carve a niche in the American EV market if priced affordably.

Tariff Troubles: A Hurdle to American Shores

Unfortunately, U.S. tariffs on Chinese cars pose a barrier to MG’s entry into the American market. Despite its potential, the MG4 XPower remains a distant dream for American consumers, leaving them yearning for more affordable EV options.

In conclusion, the 2024 MG4 XPower emerges as a compelling player in the EV arena, challenging perceptions and offering a blend of performance and practicality. Its aesthetic appeal, coupled with commendable range and speed, positions it as a noteworthy contender. However, challenges on twisty roads and concerns about the charging infrastructure highlight areas for improvement. As MG continues to redefine its identity, the MG4 XPower sets a precedent for future electric vehicles, leaving us eager to witness the brand’s next evolution.

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