Hyundai unveils 2024 Santa Fe with Canada-only NHL Edition

In a dazzling display of automotive innovation and sports fervor, Hyundai has officially unveiled the 2024 Santa Fe NHL Edition, a limited-release model that caters exclusively to Canada’s passionate hockey community. This unique edition, announced at the prestigious Montreal Auto Show, is a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to the National Hockey League (NHL), National Hockey League Player’s Association (NHLPA), and NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA). With only 500 units available for the model year, this exclusive release combines cutting-edge hybrid technology with personalized NHL team branding, creating a one-of-a-kind driving experience for hockey enthusiasts.

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Hybrid Powertrain

The 2024 Santa Fe NHL Edition boasts a hybrid powertrain option, delivering a formidable combination of performance and efficiency. Generating a robust 232 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque, this hybrid variant is the epitome of eco-friendly power. Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability is evident in this innovative powertrain, ensuring that hockey aficionados can enjoy both power and fuel efficiency as they traverse the Canadian landscapes.

Turbocharged Gasoline Engine

For those craving a more traditional power source, the NHL Edition also offers a 2.5L turbocharged gasoline engine. With an estimated output of 277 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque, this engine provides a thrilling driving experience that aligns with the dynamic spirit of the NHL. Whether opting for the hybrid or gasoline variant, the 2024 Santa Fe NHL Edition offers performance options that cater to diverse preferences.

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Ultimate Calligraphy Trim

The NHL Edition is based on the Ultimate Calligraphy trim, showcasing Hyundai’s dedication to luxury and sophistication. The normally gas-only engine of this trim is exclusively mated with the hybrid propulsion in the hockey-themed version. This unique combination not only enhances fuel efficiency but also underscores the commitment to delivering a premium driving experience.

Personalized Team Branding

One of the standout features of the NHL Edition is the ability for buyers to specify their favorite NHL team from the 32 available options. The chosen team’s logo will be prominently displayed on the door sills, WeatherTech floor mats, and cargo liner. This personalized touch adds a layer of exclusivity to the driving experience, making each NHL Edition a true collector’s item for hockey enthusiasts.

Distinctive Aesthetics

The NHL Edition distinguishes itself with its Creamy White matte paint and 20-inch multi-spoke black wheels. These exclusive aesthetic elements further elevate the vehicle’s visual appeal, ensuring that it stands out on the road. Hyundai’s attention to detail in design extends to every aspect of the NHL Edition, creating a visually stunning and cohesive automotive masterpiece.

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Showcasing at Prominent Auto Shows

The Santa Fe NHL Edition made its debut at the Montreal Auto Show, with the presentation featuring former Montreal Canadiens star Yvan Cournoyer. Following this premiere, the vehicle will be showcased at the Hyundai NHL Fan Fair in Toronto from February 1 to 4, and later at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto from February 16 to 25, 2024. These exhibitions provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to witness firsthand the fusion of automotive excellence and hockey passion.

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