38 mi 455 hp 4.6 s 66 MPGe

Electric range Horsepower (combined) Acceleration (0-60 MPH) Fuel economy

(Up to) (combined)

$1009 / month Starting

at$65,650 MSRP

Exclusive cabin interior of the Volvo S90 Recharge.
No compromises

Add electric power to your everyday drive and enjoy a plug-in hybrid that considers tomorrow without compromising today’s experience.
A crystal gear shifter in genuine Swedish crystal from Orrefors in a Volvo S90 Recharge.

Agility to go

With one pedal drive and all-wheel drive, the S90 Recharge performs with agility while delivering relaxed control and a smooth, powerful drive.

Your new second home. A personal and comfortable interior.

The rear exterior of a Volvo S90 Recharge.


A brown Volvo S90 Recharge seen from directly above with interior visible.


Full specifications and model details



Head room front / rear

37.8 in / 37.8 in


200.4 in


74.6 in


57.1 in

Fuel economy 

28 MPG city / 31 MPG highway / 66 MPGe combined

Interior design

Take a closer look inside the S90 Recharge.

Interior drivers position in Volvo S90 Recharge seen from passenger position.

Relax in comfort

Sink back into your seat and savor the available fine Nappa leather of the S90 Recharge. Soft to the touch, you and your passengers enjoy relaxed comfort on every journey.

Rear seat luxury

In the rear seat, generous legroom optimizes comfort while the available exclusive center armrest enables long-distance relaxation and handy storage of essential items.

Crystal gear shifter

This available handcrafted crystal gear shifter in genuine Swedish crystal is made exclusively for Volvo by Orrefors.

Open skies

In the city or on the open highway, a panoramic roof lets light flood in, creating a natural, spacious feel for everyone in the cabin.

Feature highlights

Connected to your life, your safety and your pleasure. Discover a true luxury sedan.

All data included

With all data included, our Digital services package conveniently harmonizes you, your S90 Recharge and your digital life.

Google built-in

You’ll get your favorite apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps and more on Google Play right in your car for a helpful, personalized and seamless driving experience.

Cleaner cabin air

The advanced air purifier in our world-first air quality system prevents up to 95 per cent of hazardous PM 2.5 particles entering the cabin. This can help you and your passengers enjoy better and healthier air quality, no matter the conditions outside. You can even monitor particle and pollen levels outside the car.

A helping hand

Our advanced driver assistance technology allows for more relaxed driving. It can help you maintain a safe distance from cars in front by adapting your speed and keeping you centered in the lane by providing gentle steer assist. It’s also helpful in stop-and-go traffic and can even alert you if traffic is moving ahead without you after a stop.

Stay focused

Head-up display allows you to watch your speed, follow turn-by-turn navigation, and more. All without losing focus on the road. The brightness of the head-up display adapts automatically to the light conditions, and you can set the system to suit your own personal preferences.SiriusXM

All SiriusXM-equipped new Volvo vehicles come with a 3-month trial subscription, so you get the ultimate entertainment experience, featuring expertly curated ad-free music, Pandora stations, sports play-by-play, celebrity-hosted talk, news, comedy, and even more when you stream on the SiriusXM app. Learn more:

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