Alfa Romeo’s Baby Milano SUV Gets A Reveal Date

Alfa Romeo stands poised to make a bold statement with the imminent unveiling of its latest creation, the Milano. Scheduled for revelation on April 10, 2024, this compact crossover is not merely a conventional addition to Alfa Romeo’s lineup; it marks the brand’s foray into the realm of electric vehicles, a significant leap toward a sustainable and performance-driven future.

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As anticipation builds, Alfa Romeo aficionados can rest assured that the Milano won’t be just another entry into the electric vehicle market. The engineering prowess behind the 4C, 8C, and Giulia GTA performance cars is actively shaping the Milano, infusing it with the promise of exhilarating driving dynamics.

Testing and fine-tuning are underway at the historic Balocco proving ground, a testament to Alfa Romeo’s commitment to delivering a vehicle with “best-in-class” handling.

Positioned beneath the recently launched Tonale, the Milano is set to redefine compact crossovers. It embraces the CMP/eCMP architecture, shared with renowned vehicles like the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600e. This platform not only ensures structural integrity but also paves the way for electrification, aligning with Alfa Romeo’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Powertrain Prodigy

While the electric variant is undoubtedly groundbreaking, Alfa Romeo hints at the possibility of gas-powered versions, catering to a broader spectrum of enthusiasts. Speculations suggest the utilization of the turbocharged 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, a stalwart from the ICE-powered Avengers.

Given Alfa Romeo’s sportier profile, one can anticipate an upsurge in power compared to the Avenger’s modest 99 horsepower, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to a thrilling driving experience.

Electrifying Performance

For eco-conscious consumers, the Milano’s electric variant, akin to the Avenger EV, is a game-changer. Boasting around 154 horsepower and an estimated range of 250 miles according to WLTP standards, it blends sustainability with performance seamlessly.

Early leaked images reveal styling nuances shared with Alfa Romeo’s larger Stelvio and Tonale, ensuring a familial aesthetic appeal.

Global Market Considerations

While the Milano’s dimensions may limit its availability in the American market, it strategically positions itself to cater to a global audience. Alfa Romeo’s CEO, Jean-Phillippe Imparato, envisions the Milano as a symbolic ‘welcome back’ for Alfisti fans who, having owned the Giulietta and MiTo, eagerly await the next chapter in Alfa Romeo’s legacy.

This move signifies a concerted effort to reconnect with mainstream customers, providing an accessible option without compromising the brand’s essence.

Final Gasoline Symphony?

In an era where electric is the future, the Milano stands as a transitional figure. As Alfa Romeo sets its sights on an all-electric lineup by 2025, the Milano may well be the last bastion of gasoline-powered exhilaration from the brand.

It caters to a demographic rooted in Alfa’s history, acknowledging the brand’s evolution while paying homage to its petrol-driven past.

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