Over 100,000 Kia Sportage And Carnival Recalled Due To Potentially Detaching Roofs

Kia has initiated a recall for certain Sportage and Carnival units, raising concerns about potentially detaching roofs. This recall, announced on January 24, 2024, comes in response to a flaw in the roof molding that could pose a significant safety risk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified two potential causes for this issue: an excess application of panel sealer, which interferes with retaining clips, and incorrect installation of trimmings during vehicle assembly.

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Diverse Production, Common Concern

Interestingly, the recalled models hail from different production plants. The Sportage is assembled at the Kia Georgia plant, while the Carnival is manufactured in South Korea. Despite the geographical distinction, the common thread points to an incorrect installation guide causing the problem. This prompts a thorough examination of Kia’s assembly processes to rectify this potentially dangerous situation.

Kia, having identified a rising number of incidents related to the roof detachment issue in September, took swift action. Starting in October of the previous year, the company conducted duplication testing to ascertain the root cause.

The recall spans 40,426 units of the 2022-2023 Sportage and 60,623 units of the 2022-2024 Carnival. It’s worth noting that both these models, despite being relatively recent introductions, have experienced recalls in the past, though for unrelated matters.

Fortunately, as of the current information available, no crashes or injuries have been reported due to this issue. However, Kia is not taking any chances, urging owners to proactively check for loose trimmings before driving and be attentive to any unusual noises while on the road.

While the likelihood of a roof detachment is deemed low, the potential consequences are grave for those in close proximity.

Remedial Measures and Assurance

As part of the comprehensive remedy program, Kia dealerships will take decisive action, securing or replacing the roof moldings as deemed necessary. Importantly, owners who incurred repair costs associated with this issue will be eligible for a general reimbursement plan.

Given that this is a recall, Kia’s robust warranty coverage remains unaffected, providing additional assurance to affected owners.

Strengthened Processes for Future Prevention

In a bid to prevent a recurrence of such issues, Kia has proactively enhanced its assembly process and training program. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to addressing the root cause related to installation guides. Notably, retaining clips have been integrated to prevent interference with excessive roof panel sealer, further fortifying the structural integrity of the vehicles.

Notification Timeline

Kia is set to initiate the recall notification process, with dealers receiving communication first on March 12. Subsequently, owners of potentially affected units will be notified three days later, ensuring a systematic and timely response to address the identified concerns.

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