Hyundai Kona Electric N Line [2024]

Bigger, bolder and more dynamic

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With its futuristic new look, a more dynamic road presence and a larger living space for all your adventures – this bold, upscaled SUV offers you cutting-edge smart tech coupled with the widest selection of powertrains in the segment. Find the perfect KONA to fit your life.

More room for more possibilities

In an unconventional move, we developed the electric version of the all-new KONA first, and you can see the beauty of that innovation in every variant. Sleekly sculpted, the all-new KONA’s clean, distinctive front end and aerodynamic flowing lines highlight the futuristic styling. Bigger and bolder, it has evolved into a larger SUV with upscaled dimensions that reinforce its robust iconic design identity.

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Advanced smart tech

With its impressive range of state-of-the-art smart tech, the all-new KONA is setting new standards in the subcompact SUV segment. Enjoy the latest connectivity and clever convenience features backed up by cutting-edge safety and driver-assistance systems. It’s also the first Hyundai to feature the new Connected Car Navigation Cockpit with next level Over The Air (OTA) software updates. Hyundai Digital Key 2 Touch will be launched with all-new KONA in Europe.

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Cutting-edge safety and driver assistance systems

For added peace of mind, the all-new KONA has been equipped with the latest Hyundai Smart Sense – our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. For the first time, the KONA Hybrid has been equipped with Highway Driving Assist – a combination of Lane Following Assist and Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control – it utilises sensors and map data to ensure safe operation as well as to automatically adjust speed.

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Highway Driving Assist (HDA).

KONA Hybrid features Highway Driving Assist, which combines sensors and map data to ensure safe operation as well as to automatically adjust speed.

Surround View Monitor (SVM).

Tight parking garage? No problem – Surround View Monitor gives you a 360-degree view of the area to make manoeuvring confined spaces easy and safer.

Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM).

Now you can see the rearward left- and right-hand side views in the digital cluster. The cameras are activated by the turn indicator during lane changes.

Bigger and smarter interior space

Versatile and connected, the KONA is also big on comfort and convenience. Thanks to its upscaled dimensions and EV-derived universal architecture, you get a roomier, more flexible interior ‘living space’. Discover an exceptional level of smart tech and clever features to make every drive a pleasure.

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First-row relaxation seats.

Lean back and relax. The optional first-row relaxation comfort seats are optimised for ‘weightless’ body pressure distribution for a refreshing break.

Smart power tailgate.

Enjoy easy loading. The tailgate opens automatically when the smart key is detected for 3 seconds. What’s more, you can customize the lift height.


Let the sun shine in and enjoy the wind in your hair when you open up KONA’s optional sunroof.

Choose from 64 colours.

Customise the look and feel of your cabin by using the intuitive colour selector on the infotainment touch screen to adjust the ambient mood lighting.

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Ambient mood lighting.

Create the perfect atmosphere to suit your mood. Ambient mood lighting offers 64 configurable colours to fit every situation. Light sources are above the dashboard storage space and in the front door storage pockets.

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The widest range of powertrains.

Developed to reduce emissions without compromising on being fun to drive, the all-new KONA offers the widest range of powertrains in the segment. Here you can choose from a petrol engine, a petrol 48-volt mild hybrid, and a full hybrid.

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Electrifying efficiency: the all-new KONA Hybrid.

The all-new KONA Hybrid uses electric power to help you go farther on a litre of petrol. All without you having to charge a battery or change your driving habits. Taking world-class fuel efficiency to the next level, it is equipped with both a petrol engine and a battery-powered electric motor: a full-parallel hybrid drive system. Regenerative braking charges the battery, so you don’t have to.

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Find your perfect KONA.

Get a closer look at the pricing and exact specifications of the various trim levels of the all-new KONA. Loaded with standard features even at the entry trim, it offers one of the most comprehensive product packages in the B-SUV segment.

Nothing beats Genuine.

Why Genuine? Because every Hyundai accessory is designed, manufactured and tested to the same stringent standards as your own all-new KONA. That means that they fit perfectly, they complement your car’s design and will never look out of place. All are manufactured from high quality materials, some of which are sustainable and recyclable wherever possible. So, when you have the foresight to choose the KONA, you’ll also be assured that our accessories match perfectly. That’s Genuine!

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