Tesla Cybertruck Owners Who Drove 10,000 Miles Say Range Is 164 To 206 Miles

The Tesla Cybertruck, a revolutionary electric pickup, has sparked intense debates since its prototype unveiling in 2019. Opinions have oscillated between love and hate, but as more owners hit the roads, a clearer picture of the Cybertruck’s real-world performance emerges. In this in-depth exploration, we delve into the experience of a daring duo who’ve clocked over 10,000 miles in their Cybertruck, unraveling the highs, lows, and nuances that define this angular marvel.


Contrary to the advertised 320 miles on all-terrain tires, the 10,000-mile Cybertruck journey reported a maximum range of 206 miles at full charge and 164 miles at an 80% state of charge. The divergence from advertised figures beckons closer inspection. The driving style, a blend of aggression and conservatism, plays a pivotal role. Approximately 70% of the miles on highways and 30% on city roads formed the terrain backdrop, adding layers to the efficiency narrative.

After nearly 9,944 miles, the average energy consumption stood at 599 watt-hours/mile. The Cybertruck’s efficiency oscillated between 290 Wh/mi in conservative town driving to occasional spikes of 900 Wh/mi on highway stretches, painting a comprehensive picture of its energy dynamics.

Charging the Cybertruck unfolded as a diverse journey. Home charging dominated at 60%, with Supercharging representing 30%, and the remaining 10% sourced from destination charging. The drivers highlighted nuances in Supercharger experiences—V2 stalls proving sluggish, taking up to two hours, while V3 stalls performed better, yet a 70% charge still exceeded an hour. Unfortunately, the newest V4 chargers eluded evaluation.


Home Charging Habits

Charging at home, predominantly stopping at 90%, aimed to mitigate reliance on slow Superchargers and preserve battery health. The Gen 3 Tesla wall connector facilitated recharge times spanning 8-14 hours at 32 or 48 amps.

Addressing Challenges

The 10,000-mile journey was not without its challenges. An unsettling moment occurred when the main screen blacked out with a low and undisclosed battery state, necessitating a 90-minute stint at a Tesla service center.

the vault within the bed revealed its non-waterproof nature, and road noise, a notable companion. The tire swap from all-terrain to all-season, post-1,700 miles, failed to yield significant energy consumption changes.

the Cybertruck showcased commendable strengths. The “beyond great” sound system, cooled seats, excellent passenger visibility, nimble handling, exhilarating acceleration, and the innovative steer-by-wire system stood out.

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